Swiss Franc keeps gaining ground

The Swiss franc hits record highs against the US Dollar and the euro as attempts by the Swiss National Bank prove unsuccessful in slowing the currency’s rise. Swiss Franc keeps gaining groundThe decision to expand their liquidity policy did very little to ease pressure as traders looked for more aggressive action including the pegging to the Euro or US Dollar.

Following the announcement the CHF continued to strengthen which reiterated the point additional steps will be required and currently sits at 1.3118.

In what has been a reverse of the overnight session, the Greenback continues to recover lost ground with EUR/USD back on its lows and AUD/USD down to 1.0480.

Equities are falling further led by Seoul down 2.6%, Taipei down 2.0%, Sydney and Tokyo just over 1.0%.

EUR/USD touched a fresh low overnight removing the buying interest at 1.4390.

On the face of it, there appears no reason for today’s moves but then again there was nothing apparent for the overnight moves.

Elsewhere USD/SGD has surged higher today after the MAS flooded the forward market with domestic funds. Negative interest rates are really catching on amongst the strong currencies.

Today in the UK we had retail sales at 9.30am which saw weak growth for the month of July as cash strapped consumers cut back on spending.

According to the Office for National Statistics sales volumes grew inline with the 0.2% expected figure but down from last months figure of 0.8%.

The ONS statement blamed a fall in household goods, clothing and footwear as consumer’s battle against the latest CPI figures which indicated a number of 4.4% from June’s 4.2% and well above the Bank of England’s target figure of 2%.

Sterling as a result has fallen from the highs of yesterdays 1.6570 against the US Dollar and currently sits at 1.6487 and 1.1466 against the Euro.

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