Critical week for the euro on the money markets

We are set for an extremely busy and important week for the eurozone.Critical week for the euro on the money marketsThe main event looks set to be the announcement of a deal on fiscal union between member states on Friday night, but what the market expects this deal to look like and what the deal actually looks like may well turn out to be two different things.

What the euro needs is further fiscal integration between members with the plan of a centralised treasury to eventually raise and distribute taxes.

What the French and Germans are likely to propose is the fiscally stronger countries get a greater say in how the weaker periphery run their economies.

Thursday sees the ECB monthly meeting, with another reduction in interest rates expected.

ECB head Mario Dragi has also hinted in a recent speech of large scale bond purchases by the bank.

The much softer tone suggests a deal on government budgets might be closer than the market thinks.

Keeping with all things Europe, we also have a large amount of data to digest this week including eurozone retail sales, German CPI and the closely watched ECB monthly report which will detail the size and scope of lending to European banks by the central bank.

Sterling continues to hold its ground versus the euro and Dollar despite the dire announcement by the Chancellor last week, who downgraded his growth projections for the UK economy.

The resulting changes to the UK outlook now mean the Government will not balance its books until 2016 at the earliest.

The reason for Sterling not pushing lower in the face of a worsening outlook is probably that it is the least bad option in the face of the continuing European problems and the potential for QE3 in the US.

That said the Bank of England looks set to announce an increase to its own asset purchase scheme on Thursday at the MPC meeting.

Governor Mervyn King was in very gloomy mood as his announcement the Banks financial stability report last week and it is likely that the BOE will take action this month rather than waiting for the New Year.

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