Wise money markets take a punt on risk again

Encouraging economic developments provided wise money markets with an appetite for risk again. Wise money markets take a punt on risk againDespite weaker than expected US durable goods orders, a rise in US consumer confidence to its highest since February last year provided stock markets and risk assets with an overall a boost.

It was a similar story in Europe as Italy held a successful auction of 10-year debt at a lower than expected cost at the same time as Portugal approved a third review of its bailout agenda.

However, there was some negative news, with the ECB momentarily deferring the eligibility of Greek bonds as security for its backing and Eire calling a referendum on the European fiscal compact.

Nevertheless, expectations of a strong take up at today’s ECB second 3-year Long term refinancing operation (LTRO) should keep markets on the straight and narrow for the rest of this week.

As for the US Dollar and given the upbeat equity market mood overnight it is no shock that the Greenback was on the slide as the euro appears determined before today’s 3-year LTRO by the ECB.

Bernanke’s Semi-Annual Monetary Policy Report later today will provide the Dollar some bearing but no major surprises are expected.

The euro will continue to rally against the US Dollar if we are correct about a strong euro 600-700 billion take up at the LTRO but it will interesting to see if the 1.35 level can be breached.

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