IMF raises over £250 billion- but is it enough?

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) has raised an additional £268 billion ($430 billion) for the pot meaning another set of support for the eurozone when it will be required.IMF raises over £250 billion- but is it enough?However, several other uncertainties persist to bother markets signifying that any rally could be short lived.

There is plenty of data and events this week including central bank decisions in the US, Japan and New Zealand.

In addition, US corporate earnings will stay under the spot light while bond auctions in the eurozone will also provide market drive.

It is doubtful that the Fed meeting tomorrow and Wednesday will incite any change in the currently low FX volatility atmosphere given that strategy settings will stay unchanged, with the bulk of FOMC members likely to look for the first alterations at the earliest in 2014.

The Fed as a result is unlikely to stir the Greenback out of its daze and if anything a fall in durable goods orders, little change in new home sales and a pull back in consumer confidence will play in support to Dollar bears over the coming week.

Even a relatively firm reading for Q1 GDP will be seen as backward looking given the slowing expected in Q2.

Over to Europe and the single European currency will have to compete with political proceedings as it absorbs the outcome of the initial round of the French presidential elections.

The reality is that the political course will carry on to a second round on 6 May which will act as a limit on the euro.

A variety of ‘flash’ purchasing managers indices (PMI) readings and economic opinion gauges will present some primary direction for the Euro but mostly stable to softer readings suggest little stimulation.

As a result euro/ US Dollar will largely remain within its recent range although news from Spain and Italy and their debt markets will have the potential to bring into play larger moves against the euro.

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