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Commercial Finance from Wise Money- an easy solution to your funding requirements. Business Finance UK

Commercial Finance through Wise Money. Whilst the following represent a flavour of what our commercial finance lenders can help you with, these are merely guidelines and they are still very flexible. Should your overall position be sufficiently strong then we may be able to step outside these guidelines.


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  11. Dr Search- Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic says:

    Hello Jack Cheng
    Thank you for your comment and interest in Wise Money.
    At the moment we can help you if you are looking to borrow
    on UK based assets. For example if you were looking to buy
    a building or business based in the UK then we could certainly
    help you with financing.
    Hope that this helps you
    Simon Dye

  12. Jack cheng says:

    Dear Sir/madam,
    I am Jack cheng as CEO in lincoln capital,it will buy a chinese company to be shell in aim UK for loan 3mGBP.I will apply loan unsecured in personal,but I am not british citizens.Can you help me?If you are interest and tell me all conditions.If it won’t have no fees paying before it is into my account,I will introduce many clients to you in China and as your agency.
    yours truly,
    Jack Cheng

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