Loan Mortgage Calculator

Loan Mortgage Calculator with Wise Money for refinancing with bad credit and self employed.

Loan Mortgage Calculator by Wise Money- UK mortgage calculators for the self employed, contractors, consultants, company directors, freelancers, interim workers- people in adverse, poor and bad credit situations, arrears or court judgments!

If you have problems viewing the results, please ring Aled Fletcher on 02920 027785 or 0845 466 6565 email and quote Wise Money for help.

Poor Credit Remortgages- If you are looking for a remortgage, even if you have a poor credit history, come to us first to see what we can do. Your poor credit history does not exclude you from getting a remortgage.

Even if your poor credit rating has meant you’ve had special terms imposed on remortgage quotes in the past, we have access to a number of suppliers of poor credit remortgages and have been able to help many customers with a poor credit rating to arrange a suitable remortgage.

You may want to remortgage to consolidate existing debts and credit cards into one easy repayment, or you may want the additional money to finance a new car, university or school fees, major home improvement work, or anything else. Whatever you need to remortgage for our team of advisers will work with you to get the best deal possible according to your personal circumstances.

Secured Loans– Secured loans are simple, fast and straight forward. Free yourself from unwanted debts. Get a loan for anything from £5000 to £250,000. Choose to repay over 3 year or 25 years. So you can spread the cost of your loan and make the repayments easier to handle. So get on top of out of control debt and unwanted stress.

A secured loan is a loan which is secured upon your property, so if you need to take a loan for any purpose then why not make your property work for you?

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