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Mortgage Calculator- Any Purpose Remortgages If you are looking for a remortgage for any purpose you’ve come to the right place. We are confident we can provide you with a competitive quote for your remortgage. You can use the money you borrow for any purpose and we will process your application quickly so your money can be made available as soon as possible.

You may want your loan for major home improvement work, a holiday, to pay school or university fees, to consolidate debts or to provide financial support for your children. Whatever you need to loan the extra money for we will be happy to listen.

If you are looking for a mortgage, even if you have a poor credit history, come to us first to see what we can do. Your poor credit history does not exclude you from getting a mortgage or remortgage.

Even if your poor credit rating has meant you’ve had special terms imposed on remortgage quotes in the past, we have access to a number of suppliers of poor credit remortgages and have been able to help many customers with a poor credit rating to arrange a suitable remortgage.

House Purchase Mortgages– If you want to purchase a house and you’re looking for a mortgage why not take a look at our house purchase mortgages? Our team of advisors will help you to select the best mortgage from our range of lenders to suit your individual circumstances.

If features such as no early repayment penalties, transfer flexibility, or payment holidays are important to you these will be factored-in to our mortgage search. If these features are not important to you, our team of advisors will base the search on finding you the most suitable house purchase mortgage available to suit your particular circumstances.

Once we have all the details, your house purchase mortgage will be processed as soon as possible to ensure your funds are available so you can complete your house purchase without delay. If you need a mortgage for your house purchase urgently you may like to consider a taking out a bridging loan to ensure your house purchase can go ahead quickly.

Self Certification Mortgages- If you’re looking for a mortgage and can’t prove your income, a self certification mortgage may be just what you need.

Self certification mortgages are ideal if you can’t prove your income. This may be because you are self-employed, a freelancer, contractor or seasonal worker, or you may be paid on a commission-only basis, be an un-salaried company director or you may have more than one source of income such as income from investments.

If you’ve had problems finding a regular mortgage because you can’t prove your income please talk to our lenders about a self certification mortgage. We work with a number of suppliers who are happy to consider self certification mortgages. If this sounds like the type of mortgage you need talk to one of our advisers today to see what we can do for you.

Once we have all the details, your self certification mortgage will be processed as soon as possible to ensure your funds are available so you can complete your house purchase without delay.

Your finance can be for any purpose and your application will be processed quickly to ensure your monies are granted as soon as possible. Once your loans are granted you are free to spend the money on anything you wish.

As long as you are employed and you are over 18, you can apply. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Our lenders provide some of the most competitive finances in the UK. So if you’re looking for a help and you’re a UK resident why not ask for a quote?

At Wise Money we work with a number of different financial services providers. As a result we find that we are able to provide competitive rates and terms for a wide range of different personal circumstances.

You can choose between a secured or an unsecured credit and it can be for any purpose. All we ask is that you can meet the monthly repayments and that you’re a UK resident.

You can expect a prompt and efficient service. An in-principle decision will be made as soon as possible and once yourapplication has been fully processed your money is made available to you as quickly as possible which you are then free to spend as you wish.

The overall cost for comparison is 8.6% APR.
THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE SECURING OTHER DEBTS AGAINST YOUR HOME. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. UK customers- Ltd is an information only website who will pass you to an appropriately FSA regulated and authorised organisation who you give permission to contact you. We may receive a financial payment if you successfully complete a product for which we introduced you. We wish you all of the best in your financial endeavours.


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